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Britney Spears : Femme Fatale

You either love her or hate her but there's no denying she is infectious. Look at her career. She's had many highs and many lows, but managed to always bounce back throughout her music career. Once the princess of pop, Britney has slowly evolved into a dance music icon and her latest album,Femme Fatale is evidence of this musical evolution. However the question you must be asking is - is the new album any good? Upon listening to Femme Fatale you get the impression Britney has tried hard to appeal to her fans, but at the same time satisfy her creative aspirations. That said, the record is pretty good. It's a far cleaner and classier production to that of Blackout. Completely dance and minus the ballads, this album will be testing on regular Britney fans looking for another everytime. Highlights for me included the sensational Up & Down, Hold It Against Me, Don't Keep Me Waiting, Drop Dead (Beautiful) and the Will.i.am produced Big Fat Bass.


Christopher Anderson-Peters