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Laneous & The Family Yah Play With Scissors

These Brisbane based hip-hop kids have a mouthful of a name but they've also got the musical chops to go with it. Their latest EP Scissors and it's accompanying tour are an exploration of last years Found Things album taken another soulful step.


As well as having an outrageous name and similarly outrageous talent Laneous & The Family Yah have an hard-working attitude that's served them well this far. A busy summer of festival touring and critical acclaim has brought all new converts to the temple of The Family Yah and now they're rewarding their faithful with a national tour for their Scissors EP, which happens to be the first part a three part EP series exploring their Found Things album.


With a re-imagined and I'd imagine a rerecorded version of a track from Found Things each EP will focus on a different musical idea from the album. Scissors is the soft, soulful and melodious accompaniment to Found Things and the tour promises more of that soul.


See Laneous & The Family Yah along with support Birdfire Choir at the Evelyn Hotel on Friday March 25, with tickets available through Moshtix.