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Gossling To Support Oh Mercy

Victorian songstress Gossling will be joining forces with Oh Mercy on their national ‘Great Barrier Grief’ tour.
Gossling (aka Helen Croome) has quickly gained popularity after the release of her EP If You Can’t Whistle in late 2009. Since then she has appeared at Woodford Folk Festival as well as touring with her current EP Until Then.
Supporting acts such as Lamb, Whitley, Jamie Cullum, Lior and The Whitlams, Gossling is set to do the same for Oh Mercy this year as they tour Australia with their new album.
Oh Mercy’s songwriter Alexander Gow has developed Great Barrier Grief based on Australian influences, but headed to Santa Monica to record it. There, the album was created in record producer Mitchell Froom’s (Crowded House, Missy Higgins) personal studio. The album features songs ‘Keith St’ and ‘Stay, Please Stay’.

Catch Oh Mercy and Gossling live at Melbourne’s Corner Hotel on Friday April 8.