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Wavves Breaking Across Australia

Hailed by Pitchfork and triple J as the music of summer and slackers Wavves is coming to Australia for the first time and bringing that sunny brand of pop punk that's served them well.


Take a quick scan through some of the song titles from the three Wavves albums, yes now – we'll wait for you, and you'll quickly see a theme appearing. Wavves, which is the child of singer/guitarist Nathan Williams, loves two things: summer and weed. With such a winning combination of simple music and fun times Wavves is very much on the right track.


As well as flying out to spread the good word of summer to an avid Australian audience the Wavves boys have just finished a new video for their single, King Of The Beach. As well as their Melbourne show the slackers are playing the east coast, Perth and the Golden Plains Festival.


The Wavves will be filling the Corner Hotel with smoke and sunshine on Monday March 14. Tickets from the Corner Hotel.