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Ruby Rose And Fast Cars

Somehow the Melbourne F1 seems to grow each year and the idea of adding a miniature music festival to the whole motor racing carnival has cropped up. Will there be music and cars at the same time? Could get a bit difficult.


Apparent “It” girl Ruby Rose has been added to the Grand Prix cum music festival known as Sidetracked this year. Rose, who broke onto the modelling scene at 17 in 2002 and since then has achieved no small measure of success, is seemingly a talented DJ who has headlined other music festivals Fat As Butter and Good Life.


Adding her to a festival for a motor racing crowd... not quite sure how that one will go down. I hope that lady knows her engines well. I guess she is pretty hot and has tattoos... but something doesn't really feel right. (Do people who love cars love models? We wouldn't know, we can't afford a car.)


Already on the lineup for the unfortunate festival are Western Australian's Birds of Tokyo, Melbournians Little Red and Children Collide.