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Art Of Wor

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Beat HQ Joined: 9th December 2010
Last seen: 5th June 2012

Who are you?
Fergus Hunt, vocals and guitar in Art Of Wor.

When did you start doing that?
I first picked up a guitar and fell in love with it at the age of six. Around the age of 16 I had to decide between continuing as a professional athlete or a musician. My dad steered me toward music as a more fulfilling and challenging career. Soon after I found myself studying guitar at the VCA.

How did Art Of Wor come about?
I was expelled from the VCA (for assaulting the examiner for stopping me mid-performance), which threw me in to the world and lead me into a real education: studying music everywhere from all genres and all places. That journey culminated in me becoming a monk for seven years. The Art Of Wor boys and I got together about three years ago after I'd left that vocation. From the beginning Art Of Wor cranked: real, aggressive metal, f..g great songs, everything I love about music.

Who is Art Of Wor?
We're a four piece: Nygaard (drums), Snake (bass), Tog (guitar) and me.
We're rock/metal. A diverse mixture of heavy styles , big Vocals, massive guitar riffs. Phat grooves.

What sort of response does Art Of Wor get?
The crowds go off! The Art Of Wor mosh is a "test of manhood". Crowds seem to go with our huge energy.

What's your weirdest gig you played so far?
We played an outdoor fundraiser where there were 40 people on exercise bikes on stage with us, all peddling. We were introduced as the "act of war". We soldiered through but got shut down halfway through the first song by the cops: we were too loud.

What's next?
On July 30 we launch our debut single Blood Will Have Blood from our upcoming album Judgment Day in the Gershwin Room, The Esplanade Hotel. Its gonna be huge!
Are you coming?!


ART OF WOR are playing the Esplanade Hotel on Saturday, March 19 before returning in July to launch their debut single, Blood Will Have Blood.