Bands On My Tram? It's More Likely Than You Think

Welcome to Tramsessions which are exactly what they say they are. To throw in a quote from one of the brains behind Tramsessions Nicklas Wallberg , "Tram Sessions puts bands on trams and let them play as we travel the streets of Melbourne." A beautifully simple idea that these people have executed perfectly.


Head on over to Tram Sessions and have a look at some of the videos right now. This page will still be here. Yes that was Lisa Mitchell playing a Madonna song with a three part harmony and a cello! On a TRAM! Wait, is that a four piece bluegrass band playing on a tram? Goddamn I love this idea. Now let's see what the Tram Sessions people have to say for themselves.


The brainchild of Nicklas Wallberg and Carl Malmsten, “Tram Sessions is a non-profit organisation that aims to bring more culture into the public space.” That's pretty much all there is to it. Bands get to play a unique show in a place that isn't normally thought of as open to art or music and commuters get to experience these amazing shows. And you can see from the reactions on the website, these shows are popular and definitely appreciated.


For more on Tram Sessions and to watch more fantastic videos, you should check out The Quarry Mountain Dead Rats videos if nothing else, trundle along to the Tram Sessions website.