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Another Bass Player Leaves Interpol

Dave Pajo, bass player for indie rock merchants Interpol, has left the band while replacement bass maestro Brad Truax steps in.  


Pajo, who joined the band mid last year after the departure of original bass player and founding member Carlos Dengler, had spent only nine months touring with Interpol before his decision was made public today. In a statement released on the bands website he stated that the decision to leave was influenced by wanting to spend more time with his family. Clearly Interpol actually just hate bass players and churn through them like drummers in Spinal Tap.


Newcomer Brad Truax has some fine recording chops behind him in acts like White Magic and Home as well as experimental rockers Animal Collective. In that same statement on the Interpol website they said, “He’s got taste and he’s got chops.  And that’s what we want.”


Interpols latest album, the slightly egocentricly self titled Interpol, is available now on iTunes and at music retailers.