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Sun Setting On Fed Square Summer Music Series

After seven months of free music concerts at Federation Square, Fed Square Live presented by The Push will come to an end with four final shows.


The concert series has presented some of Australia's leading independent music talent, featuring artists such as Jonathan Boulet, Seabellies, The Naked and Famous and Dan Kelly over seven months of free public gigs.


Eight new artists will fill the line up for the final four concerts kicking off with funk groups World's End Press and Howl, followed by the surf-pop Custom Kings and soul singer-songwriter Jess Harlen a fortnight later. In April  Sydney-based The Holidays will appear alongside the classically-influenced-pop group Strange Talk. The final concert will see with The Little Stevies take the stage with The Beards whose set list consists purely of beard related songs.


The concerts will take place at Federation Square every second Thursday until April 21.