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New Album From The Streets

Mike Skinner, aka The Streets, will release his fifth "and final" album Computer And Blues in early February.
The album shows a return to basic and also features vocals from Rob Harvey of The Music, who we haven't heard from for a while.
In regards to the title, Skinner says:
“The original idea was that the previous album - Everything Is Borrowed - was supposed to be about the past, Computers And Blues was going to be about the future, and then The Streets was going to come to an end, but it ended up being a bit more complex than that. There definitely aren’t the extremes here that I’ve played out with the previous records. The first album was extremely British - and quite odd; the second album was extremely a story; the third album was extremely extreme; the fourth album was extremely philosophical; whereas this album is extremely balanced. It’s got bits of all of the others in and hopefully brings them all together in a satisfying way”.



Some of the tracks were originally given away on Twitter and following in this style, the album has a certain technological theme with track names like OMG and Blip On A Screen.


Looking forward to hearing more of Skinner's insights into the modern world. Look out for Computer And Blues on February 4.


Here's something he released on Twitter: