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Purple Sneakers DJs Hit The Espy

There's one very good reason why Purple Sneakers has been Sydney's longest running and most popular indie party club for five successful years.


And it's the same reason for its awesome house party atmosphere and packed-out crowds each week: the Purple Sneakers DJs.


These party animals are hitting The Espy on Sunday January 23, supported by DJ Mary Tyler Moore.


The Purple Sneakers DJs strive to mix guitar-based indie hits into dancefloor destroying tracks, and they prove that just because you play indie music, it doesn't mean you have to suck as a DJ. Not only do they wow crowds at every opportunity with their mixing prowess, but they impress fans with their ability for fast costume changes into pink bear suits, and balancing on the decks, amp stands or anywhere they can secure partly stable footing.


The DJs are PhDj, M.I.T, BenLucid and Nick Findlay, and you can hear their boundary-pushing dancefloor bombs at the Espy in St. Kilda on January 23. 9pm, free entry.