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Royston Vasie : Welcome To The Pop Boutique

Even just a quick glance at the slick cover artwork of Royston Vasie’s debut EP leaves the lasting impression of a band with a bright future. The inky simian imagery set on a fresh white background is simple, yet captivating, and wholly professional. As a result it’s immediately apparent that the band mean business. And when this Melbourne rock outfit let loose on opening track and EP namesake Pop Boutique all your assumptions are confirmed. Royston Vasie is definitely a band to keep your eye on.
Welcome To The Pop Boutique boasts four rock tracks of the purest form. For a relatively new band, Royston Vasie’s sound is exceptionally tight and incredibly diverse. The EP is packed tight with the kind of shape-shifting vocals, and catchy hooks that give each song its own individual sound and each stand as a dignified nod to their influences. On the opening track, they channel the punk rock vocals that were ever so popular in the ‘90s and set them to crisp guitars, while second track Wreck Your Health is almost reminiscent of British alt-rock band The Music. Of the four tracks Badlands is the most melodic, and at times our chameleon vocalists sound almost Kurt Cobain-esque. Not a band to peter-out quietly, EP closer Give is a rhythmic rock gem with a smattering of synth. This surely is a track that begs to be played live.
Welcome To The Pop Boutique is full of energy and power, two qualities that many young bands try so hard to capture in their recordings. As a debut EP it is a terribly impressive one, and as a band these gents have a promising future ahead of them.