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The Pyramid Rock Festival With Angus Cameron

How’s this year’s festival shaping up? How’s the site looking?
“All is in full swing for an amazing festival this year. The site is looking incredibly lush and green and being a well-drained site, it’s not muddy and is going to be a real treat.”
This year’s Pyramid lineup is arguably the deepest and most impressive yet. How happy with it are you, and how did it all come together?
“So happy with this year’s lineup… and we really can’t wait to get underway. We really pushed for the best possible lineup and are pleased to be able to deliver on a really diverse and exciting bill. Programming has worked out really well this year as well, with two days of music across both stages the calibre of acts does not let up so hopefully the crowd can go the distance.”
Who/What’s going to be the biggest surprise on the bill this year – the one band that will have everyone buzzing?
“Some of the emerging local acts like, Redcoats, Cabins, Kimbra and Papa V’s Pretty are sure to get audiences buzzing. Then there’s internationals like Tinie Tempah and Future Of The Left who a lot of people wouldn’t have seen that are bound to make a very big impression. Local legends Jebediah and Tumbleweed are going to rock it and will win over a lot of younger punters. There’ll be no surprises when the ultimate party band, N*E*R*D take the stage because they always put on an awesome show!”
How has it been getting over the storm that hit last year’s festival on new years eve? Was it tough getting everybody enthused to get back and partying at Pyramid this year?
“The storm was an unfortunate and disappointing incident for organisers, bands and punters alike but we’ve moved on and will become a better event for the experience. After some big changes in staging and infrastructure, securing the best line up possible was the next step and is certainly exciting punters about this year’s festival. We have a very loyal fan base and a great reputation with acts, so we think both these factors have helped us to come back strongly after last year. There’s been quite a shakeup in venue layout this year as well. We’re really happy with the changes that allow for better crowd flow and viewing from around the site. There’s plenty of changes that have been made which will make for smoother sailing for all.”
Finally, what do you think it is that makes Pyramid so special? It has such a large amount of dedicated fans and followers that there’s got to be something that explains it!?
“Three days lazing by the coast with your mates and a whole bunch of incredible acts to check out is pretty enticing. Also Pyramid has got a really unique and friendly feel and for a lot of people it’s that community experience that keeps them coming back. Good times.”