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Falls Festival with Organiser Naomi Daly

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Beat HQ Joined: 9th December 2010
Last seen: 5th June 2012

What’s the site looking like with all the rain over the past six months?
“Green! Although it is always green. Our site gets a lot of rain throughout the year so it is a bit like water off a ducks’ back.”
With Falls being one of the first festivals to progressively adopt greener ways of operating – are there any new environmental-helping aspects to the festival this year?
“Every year we review and assess each of our green initiatives to improve them onsite. This year we’re really proud of a couple of new ones up our sleeve. For one, we’ll be running bio-diesel in all the generators onsite to help reduce our footprint. Another is the ‘Falls Green Trader Award’ which is judged during the event, aiming to motivate festival traders to go the extra mile to becoming more environmentally friendly. This year we can also boast 100% composting toilets onsite for event patrons.”
The line-up! Jeeeheeezuz! It’s a really deep collection this year – how happy are you with it? You’ve gotta be stoked…
“For sure. Pulling it together is a pretty big mission but the hard work seems to be paying off each year. We really focus on quality right through the line-up, not just the top. And with only two main stages running, it means people really can enjoy just about every inch of the line-up.”
The Village has turned into a massive crowd-favourite as well…
“The Village manages to be just what you want it to be – a place to relax, a place to laugh your head off, a place to stretch your imagination. It’s a bit mad and definitely adds a great new dimension to the festival experience. It’s something everyone should discover at some point.”
What’s the one thing that everyone should remember to bring this year?
“On the practical side of things – gear for all weather and a torch... The other essential item is of course an appetite for good times.”
And, last of all, how can people make the best of their New Years at Falls, and why do you believe people keep coming back?
“Check out the website and get familiar with the artists – make time to see something you haven’t seen before; pace yourself so you don’t miss New Years; connect with people around you – Falls has this freaky way of breaking down barriers and putting everyone on the same page. I think that social element is pretty powerful and keeps people coming back.”