Knowledge God

What was that douchebag? You haven’t copped Bigfoot’s LP Giant Steps yet? You can stop reading then ‘cause we can’t be friends anymore. I guess you must be allergic to gingers relentlessly stomping their grimy flows over heavy production then? Yeah? Well go back to your radio friendly fluff.
For those not following the Rapper Tag ‘phenomenon’ (no LL Cool J) yet, you better jump on the bandwagon and act like you know by heading over to www.rappertag.com. MC’s like Suffa, Drapht, Vents, Hau and Sesta have all jumped in on this youtube cipher game of tiggy and most people have been bringing straight verbal heat. None more so than in the latest instalment which sees Mayor of Preston and Crate Cartel spitter Maundz absolutely murk it! Not only were his bars as sick as the ones Tyler Durden packed in his suitcase but the visual execution by the Full Clip boys Discourse and Heata was off the goddam meat rack! Check out Maundz LP Mr Nobody if you slept on it and get prepared for Delta with Rapper Tag #26 up next.(Well it's up now, posting this a day late or so, oooops Webmaster)
Local deviants B Wiv Deece just dropped a free EP Unleash the Beast. The cover art looks like some terrible B-grade horror film but the sounds are straight fire and better than 90% of shit sitting on shelves with a price tag. Always been a fan of Deece’s unique clipped delivery and B Wiv’s distinct production. They walk in nobody’s footsteps sonically, aren’t afraid of hooks and are genuine funny bastards!There’s a Wall with Fluent Form of Crate Cartel is a cracker (though I never want to hear Fluent ODB warble again) and Take a Second Look with G-Force is a hilarious rundown of how normal their life is. Get it at www.bwivdeece.com
Finally! The Lyrical Commission / UNKUT commanding officer is about to unleash his audio one-two punch onto an unsuspecting public. Seriously I haven’t anticipated an LP as much as this one EVER! Since Trem dropped those elusive 12 inches a decade ago heads have been fiending for more of his vicious verbals and perfected brooding boom bap from a bygone era. The Lyrical Commission albums tided us over as did his production for Brad Strut, but it has been a solo LP that heads have been demanding. His debut For the Term of His Natural Life is finally arriving early next year. But to prepare your feeble mind for it, the man is dropping a limited edition CD single / t-shirt pack for the track Omega Man. How keen are heads? Well it doesn’t go on sale til the 17th of December but he has sold half of them already. You do the math!
So what producers has Apathy got onboard for his next album? How does DJ Premier, DJ Muggs, Evidence, Beatminerz and the underrated Vanderslice (check his boardwork on Access Immortal’s first LP) sound? Can I get a hell yeah?
Is anybody else worried that MF DOOM might just send over his DJ with his mask, while he stays at home and eats bacon cheesecake?

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