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Taking Back Sunday : Live From Orensanz

Following on from the release of their Live From Bamboozle ‘09 last year, Long Island based alternative/emo-rock outfit Taking Back Sunday have decided to put together a second live recording together for fans – this time an unplugged effort entitled Live From Orensanz.
Recorded in December 2009 at the Angel Orensanz Centre (a renowned New York synagogue), Live From Orensanz offers a host of Taking Back Sunday’s songs selected from their vast catalogue, with their hit single MakeDamnSure spearheading the album. The energetic number translates quite well in the acoustic format, but it’s the dual vocal approach from lead vocalist Adam Lazzara and guitarist Matthew Fazzi that really provides the essential spark that makes the song stand out.
The organ-like keyboards within New Again add a warmth and subdued feel to the song – different from its studio counterpart, while the audience participated/strings enhanced A Decade Under The Influence (which closes out with Queens Of The Stone Age’s Lightning Song), One-Eighty By Summer, My Blue Heaven and the stunning stringed reworking of Everything Must Go are the definite picks from the album.
Also worthy of a special mention is Lazzara’s own performances within tracks such as Carpathia and Didn’t See That Coming , where it’s clear that he puts everything into the songs, which in turn manages to transform the songs into something quite unique when compared to the versions most would be familiar with.
But despite the album’s stronger tracks, Live From Orensanz still has some less than stellar moments. Although good, Your Own Disaster, Set Phasers To Stun and Cute Without The ‘E’ (Cut From The Team) simply don’t stand out as anything different from what you would expect from a song that’s normally performed with electrics being substituted with acoustics.
Apart from some fairly predictable reworked efforts, and the lack of anything truly rare or different amongst the chosen set list, Live From Orensanz is overall a solid live effort, and a must-have only for fans.

Taking Back Sunday Live From Orensanz is out now through Warner