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Wil Anderson : Wilarious


31 March 2012 @ 9:00pm


240 Exhibition St
Melbourne CBD, VIC 3000


Wil Anderson


$30 conc. See below for more info.


Hours before I speak to Wil Anderson, he hears the news from Hollywood that big budget action director Michael Bay will be filming a remake of the cult ‘80s/’90s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. This is not good news for Wil.
“I mean what a fucking idiot. Seriously it’s just like he wants to dig up everything I liked in my teen years like Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and just fuck them in the arse. In fact that will be more entertaining, if it was just an hour and a half of Michael Bay, actually no not him fucking in the arse, I want an hour and a half of Michael Bay getting fucked in the arse, and then perhaps I’ll feel good about the fact that he’s pissed all over my childhood. I’m sure next he’s just going to make a movie where Alf the alien fucks Punky Brewster and then he can just say, ‘Well there you go. Everything you liked when you were younger…finally fucked up’. I mean Michael Bay’s the guy who never had an original idea in the first place, but fuck me, like seriously mate could you just stop fucking things people got right the first time,” he screams, unable to contain his laughter.
It’s important to note how infectious Wil’s laughter is, and this ability to detect humour in almost anything (his Twitter account is consistently hilarious) is evident especially in the fact that each year he brings a completely new show to the festival.
“This is, again, a brand new show and I think it’s probably the best one I’ve ever done.
“It is challenging to write a new show each year, don’t get me wrong and there’s a point where I’m writing it where I think, ‘What the fuck are you doing?’. This is my 17th I think different show, I’ve been doing it for a fair while. I vaguely know what I’m doing, but the hardest thing about it is my own expectations. I always want the show to be better or more interesting and more dynamic than the year before.
“In the comedy festival, my rule is: if the poster has a different name on it, it’s a different show to the show you saw last time. That’s my guarantee to people....Here’s how I look at material, if you can imagine it like a pair of jeans. When you buy a new pair of jeans, they’re hard at the start because you’ve been wearing your old pair of jeans for ages and they’ve become really comfortable and they fit you well and you know you look good in them… but if I’m wearing the same pair of jeans as I was wearing in 1985, you can tell those jeans are from 1985. They’re comfortable but they’re not who I am now, and that’s what jokes are like. There’s a joke in this show – I used to have this bit about kids on leashes – but there’s a whole routine in this show [about] me changing my mind on that idea. As I’ve got older, I’ve changed my mind about what I think about that.”
Wil’s new show – Wilarious – is squeezed into his schedule that includes working on Gruen Planet, podcast TOFOP and countless other media ventures; it’s surprising he has time for stand-up comedy at all. Perhaps if he had to choose a superpower, the ability to stop time would be most convenient.
“I like superheroes but I’m not sure the idea of having a superpower is that convenient. In fact it’s surprisingly enough mentioned in the new show, there’s a bit about where I complain about a certain superpower I thought I was getting from an operation I was having and how inconvenient it would be having a superpower. To be honest, once you have a superpower you’re kinda like, ‘ Yeah alright’. Once you have a superpower then suddenly every time you’re at a fucking party, your superpower goes off, you have to go and fight crime. You know what I mean? It’s a pain the arse. I mean feel busy already…I’m already fucking flat out, I just can’t jam a superpower also into my schedule. And then other comedians will start bitching, ‘Oh people only go see him because he’s got a fucking superpower’ and then I’m a novelty act and how do you combine the two? How do you be a superhero and a comedian? I mean I’m gonna get high doing a podcast, and them I’m gonna be out fucking trying to fight crime, so I get distracted by cake or something on the way there. I mean I’m happy without a superpower to be honest. Just seems like a real pain the arse to me.”
Catch Wil Anderson in his 17th show at The Comedy Theatre from Wednesday March 28 until Sunday April 15 at 8.45pm (Sunday 6.15pm, preview shows 7pm). Tickets $40 Saturdays, $36 Wednesdays-Fridays and Sundays; $30 concession; $28 Tightarse Tuesdays and $25 previews. Bookings through Ticketmaster, 1300 660 013 and at the door.