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Skyscraper Stan & the Commission Flats


17 May 2014 @ 9:00pm


99 Smith St
Fitzroy, VIC 3066
37° 48' 21.2652" S, 144° 58' 59.0988" E


Skyscraper Stan & The Commission Flats
w/ The Kebab Shop Punch Up




At the end of May Skyscraper Stan & the Commission Flats are going underground for a while to make an album. Because they will be gone a fair while they figured they should have one last hurrah in our native Melbourne town. Yah Yah's is one of Melbourne's best known dives. Its filthy and full of vagrants. Stan and the band have spent a lot of time there, but funnily enough though, never played it. Come get loose on the 17th of May. They will play a nice long set with all the tunes soon to be recorded, plus some oldies. Support from none other than the dashingly handsome Oskar Herbig and the Kebab Shop Punch Up. Stan, a musician originally from New Zealand is a talent that Melbourne happily claims as our own. Stan assembled his band here, dubbed the Commission Flats, after the council housing that dominates Melbourne’s skyline. The gigs flooded in and the group quickly gained a reputation for their dynamic live show. Richard Wise and Martin Schilov make up the rock solid rhythm section, chugging along under the cheeky and often jaw dropping guitar work of Stan’s younger cousin Oskar Herbig. The Sharard sisters, Gemma and Lia, provide sultry oohs and aahs and hmmms and haaaahs and occasionally sing lead in duets with Stan who picks at his old guitar and “…dances like a drowning huntsman…” In October 2013 they released an EP “Tall Stories” which enjoyed five weeks on the AMRAP NOW charts, hitting a high of No. 3 for 2 consecutive weeks. They now have plans for a ten-track album, due out in August 2014.