Reverb Prints Presents - A Gig Poster Exhibition

Albert Street Gallery
Main Artists
Various Artists
7 December 2018 @ (All day)

Around the world gig posters have entered a golden age. The last 10 years has seen an explosion of interest in the scene and now, for the first time in Melbourne, a new exhibition will showcase this emerging art form.

Reverb Prints presents A Gig Poster Exhibition - an extensive display of contemporary gig posters, featuring international and local artists.

This unique art form uses music as inspiration for the creation of limited edition, screen printed artworks. As the name suggests, gig posters are designed commemorate a specific tour date by a prominent band.

By incorporating digital techniques, the medium has been raised to new levels of complexity and sophistication without losing the distinct feel of hand-made screen prints.Today this niche art form appeals to both music fans and art lovers.