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Mick Neven : #shitmicknevensays


28 March 2012 @ 8:30pm


Lvl 3 / 2 Coverlid Pl
Melbourne CBD, VIC 3000


Mick Neven


$14 conc. See below for more info.


There are essentially two Twitters. There's the one that media people and PR professionals use to network, and then there's the one where people - celebrity and civilian alike - use it to tell the world exactly how long it took to find two matching socks that morning.
#ShitMickNevenSays explores the whole wide world of Twitter in realtime. "It's the very essence of simplicity," he explains. "I'll have a screen and a projector connected to my wife's iPad. I'll then get Twitter on the iPad and have it set on the #ShitMickNevenSays screen. Then people in the audience can send tweets using the hashtag and those tweets will re-fresh onto the screen." During the show Neven takes time out to check the tweets and reply, or retweet, or comment on. It's audience participation for the 21st century. And of course people who aren't in the audience can join in from home. "Potentially, there's a cast of millions, although realistically, there's a cast of about 40 or 50," he says.
Neven has given the show a pre-MICF spin with a few preview shows in Canberra, where it seemed to go well."Of course, Canberra people are different to a Melbourne festival crowd. Up there, Twitter is still new and fancy. Down here, Twitter is like so 2011."
It begs the question: how would the show be different if you used Facebook instead of Twitter? "I'd expect more pictures of cats if I used Facebook. That and interaction from my Mum. She's a good one for commenting on my status updates. Like when I say 'make sure you get a ticket for #ShitMickNevenSays, she'll comment 'why don't you get a proper job? How is comedy going to put my grand-daughter through private school'. She's a big support, my Mum."
Twitter is, of course, great for public meltdown stories. PR folk trashing clients, celebrities accidentally posting pics of their boobies then claiming they were 'hacked.' Does Neven have any favourite Twitter meltdown stories? "I don't actually follow many 'celebrities'. It turns out they're really quite boring on Twitter. Big surprise there. The Steph Rice 'faggot' fiasco gets a mention in my show. That's the thing about Twitter. It actually makes it much easier for people to get outraged. It takes about 10 seconds to register your outrage on twitter. You don't even need to be all that angry. Whereas back in the days before Twitter, if you wanted to register your outrage you had to get off the couch, write a letter and take it to the post office! Imagine how angry you had to be to do all that work!"
So what's life like for a full-time comedian/writer? "Being a comedian is always very exciting. Like just the other day I did gigs in Canberra and to save money, we drove home after the show on Sunday night. That's a 7 hour drive at 10pm to save $150. It's a good thing we did that, otherwise we wouldn't have broken even on that trip. And of course it's always the height of glamour when you're handing out fliers during the festival. 'Hey come see my show, it's funny, no it really is, that's why I'm standing here handing out fliers'!" So as a full-time writer myself, I imagine Neven has some great 2-minute noodle recipes? "2 minute noodles! Hah! I wish. Where do you live? Toorak?"
#ShitMickNevenSays runs at Roxanne, Coverlid Place from Wednesday March 28 until Saturday April 21 at 8.30pm (7.30pm Sundays). Tickets $17.50/$14, $14 for groups of six or more, $12 Tightarse Tuesdays, from trybooking.com and at the door.