Competition closes: Nowhen in particular

Melbourne Guitar Show is upon us once more, bringing another massive weekend of all things guitar related to Melbourne. Providing a two storey high heaven of guitar and sound vendors, MGS is the adult music-lovers' version of a giant candy shop.

As well as gazing at more models than you could ever imagine and swapping knowledge with some of the most well-versed craftsmen and sound...

Competition closes: Nowhen in particular

New Zealand comedy The Breaker Upperers follows the hilarious journey of Jen (Jackie Van Beek) and Mel (Madeleine Sami) as they manoeuvre a business of breaking up couples. Having built their own friendship through being two-timed by the same guy, the pair become cynical and hell-bent on stomping out love wherever it rears its ugly head. 

The Breaker Upperers will be hitting Australian...