Woodstock celebrates 50th anniversary with new festival

"The Bird of Peace is Back"

Image source: 
James M Shelley (CC-BY-SA-4.0)

The organisers behind Woodstock have confirmed rumours there will be a 50th anniversary festival in August.

Running between Friday August 16 and Sunday August 18, similar dates to the original festival, Woodstock 50 will have three main stages and host more than 60 acts. While the lineup has not been dropped yet, a statement released by the organisers said there will be a focus on contemporary musicians, "but the legacy acts will be represented and honoured".

The festival grounds will also play host to a mix of art forms and non-profit organisations that share Woodstock's values.

"Highly curated 'neighbourhoods' will feature more intimate and unique experiences – with art forms from music to comedy, spoken word to film and amazing food offerings," the statement read.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Woodstock co-creator Michael Lang said themes of activism and empowering young people were important to the original festival, and are therefore crucial to Woodstock 50.

"Woodstock, in its original incarnation, was really about social change and activism. That’s a model that we’re bringing back to this festival," he said.

For folks who aren't super keen on forking out potentially thousands to fly to the US, Woodstock 50 will be livestreamed online.

For more information on Woodstock 50, head to the festival website.