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Tim Sweeney Sideshow

One of the most influential figures in contemporary dance music, Tim Sweeney, is returning to Melbourne.

Sweeney, who hosts the pioneering New York radio show Beats In Space, last toured the country in 2009. Returning to program the late night shenanigans at Meredith, he'll also be rejoining local disco stalwart Andee Frost at The House deFrost. 


Sweeney's underground prominence over the past two decades is unmatched. From delving into the diverse depths of dance music from sitting as a session saxophonist for DFA to programming radio stations on Grand Theft Auto, Sweeney's musical prowess and productional dexterity has found him reverred as one of the worlds most acclaimed tastemakers. 

Tim Sweeney plays The Toff In Town on Saturday December 17.