Three people injured by vehicle at Rainbow Serpent festival

All three were taken to hospital.

It hasn't been a great start to Rainbow Serpent this year. On Thursday night, three people were injured after a vehicle rolled into the festival campsite.

According to a festival spokesperson, two of the three people are stable and have been transferred to Ballarat hospital. The third is in a more serious condition and was airlifted out of the campsite. This incident is currently being investigated.

"We have all emergency services on site, including medical and ambulance and run training exercises to prepare for responding to any serious incident," said Rainbow Serpent's emergency response coordinator Matthew Wood.

"Procedures were followed as planned and our thoughts are with the victims."

The injuries follow a fire that broke out days before the festival was set to begin. The fire was quickly controlled and Victoria Police have been investigating the matter. While Victoria is well and truly heating up, festival organisers have also asked revellers to avoid rocking up to the campsite between 2pm and 7pm which is when the temperature is at its peak.

Rainbow Festival goes down between Friday January 25 and Monday January 28.