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Soundwave Sprouts New Harvest Festival

Just when you thought the crew from Soundwave had outdone themselves with the recently announced Soundwave Revolution, they have done it again with a brand-spanking new music-packed day of awesomeness in something they have decided to call the Harvest Festival.

What started as a quiet whisper, has now been confirmed as fact when FasterLouder confirmed that an all new day-long arts and music festival, 'Harvest' festival will be squeezing its way in to November this year.
Metal-heads who were hoping for a third day this year dedicated to moshing, circle pits and walls of death won't be too hyped though, this new fetival is set to cater for the ever-growing indie music scene.
With PortisheadBright EyesAphex TwinThe Flaming Lips and Janelle Monae looking as though they will be suiting up for the November festivities the rumour mill is overflowing with speculations about who will star in the festival's debut.

The Melbourne Harvest Festival is sprouting its roots on Saturday November 12. Stay tuned for updates!