Soul Star Holistic Festival is the place to kickstart your wellness journey

Melbourne is about to broaden its spiritual horizons, as the Soul Star Holistic Festival arrives to put a fun and interactive spin on the benefits of spiritual healing and wellness. 

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Along with inspirational talks from a range of facilitators, people will have the opportunity to explore wellness market stalls housing beautiful holistic products such as organic and vegan natural skin care, locally made essential oils, botanical elixirs and eye-catching crystal pieces. 

“I feel like this festival will be a day where people can give back to themselves, but also have fun too,” says festival director Briony Goldsmith. “There’s vegan gluten free donuts, green juices and little [Buddha] bowls – you can have a bit of treat and enjoy a detox for the day.” 

The festival will host a range of expert facilitators such as healers, meditation teachers, integrative doctors, Chinese doctors, sound healers, yoga and Qi Jong teachers.

“We’ve got two areas: one that’s going to have yoga classes and Qi Jong sessions, which will be mini sessions for 15 minutes so people can just kind of come jump in and give it a go,” Goldsmith says. “Then we’ve got longer sound healings which are about half an hour, and then on the main stage we’ve got integrative doctors talking about stress, as well as Chinese doctors, a few healers, meditation teachers and I’m talking about manifesting.”

World renowned energy healer Charlie Goldsmith, whose TV show The Healer has been incredibly successful in the United States, will also appear at the festival. He will host two group healings, three talks and a Q&A. 

“He has been doing healings online and doing group healings where people dial in – but he’s never done it face-to-face in an event with groups of people,” Goldsmith explains. “It takes a lot of energy to do what he does, especially with a big group. 

“I consider myself an expert when it comes to healers and I’ve been working with psychics since I started my business … [but] there’s not too many healers in the world that can physically help people the way he helps people.”

Other experts include former Bardot member and sound healer Katie Underwood, Mamamia and myBody+Soul astrologer Natasha Weber and Meditation Australia president Asher Packman. There will also be a group of shamanic drummers who practice sound healing. 

“We’ve got the healer section with palm readers, people that read your self-purpose, and people who do reiki,” Goldsmith says. “I’ve also got a shaman clearing the space of the building before everybody sets up; it’s going to become a bit of a sacred place and I’m very passionate about the energy of what I do and I hope people can feel that.”

Goldsmith initially devised Soul Star by combining her love for wellness and spirituality, something which has grown significantly as the festival has blossomed. 

“I’m a nutritionist, a meditation teacher and an intuitive empath as well, so I’m very sensitive to energy. I just found that there’s no platforms that really celebrate this industry in a beautiful ‘boutique’ way; there’s other things out there but they’re not for everyone. 

“I want this festival to be for everyone; so many people are into exploring this stuff but they might go somewhere and it’s a bit icky – psychic fairs tend to have a lot of incense and crystal balls and there’s a real look to them,” she says.

“I just want to create a normal path – this is another tool that people use for wellness, rather than something that’s really out there.”

It’s a unique experience helping people to enhance their physical and mental wellbeing in a simple and inclusive way – a recipe that’s attracted punters in droves.

“We can live in Melbourne and be in the city and work in offices or do whatever we people do and still have a part of this [spirituality], by connecting to ourselves on a deeper level and being more content,” Goldsmith says. 

“I think people are looking for that, and that’s why we’re getting such a good response. People have the money and they want to give back to themselves because they’re just depleting themselves on all levels with family, their work and whatever and everyone’s running on empty.

“We wouldn’t bother exploring something else in our lives if everything was perfect. Most people are coming to these events because in some point in their lives they’ve felt disconnected, or not quite sure where they fit in, or maybe depressed or anxious or something. Instead of reaching for alcohol or food or whatever they would use to suppress it, they will actually want to start working out what the cause is so that they can live a life that’s more peaceful and content.” 

Soul Star Holistic Festival comes to the Royal Exhibition Building on Saturday February 16. Head to the Soul Star website for more info and to grab your tickets.