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Sigur Ros For Harvest 2012?

After a few years of self-imposed hiatus, Sigur Ros look set for a massive 2012 with the release of new record Valtari (out May 25). The band will be once again bringing their phenomenal live show across the globe, and it looks like an Australian visit is on the cards.



Speaking to Mixdown Magazine in a yet-to-be published interview, drummer Orri Páll Dýrason revealed that the band to be in Australia "in November". 


While there is every chance a standalone headline tour could be in the works, we here at Beat think it coincides nicely with what will be the second ever Harvest Presents: The Gathering.


While nothing is confirmed at this stage, the prospect of Sigur Ros appearing at Harvest excites us more than just a little.

Stay tuned to Beat for further developments.