Prahran Block Party: Southside Is Actually Awesome

And to add to the goodness, Converse are throwing a party. A street party! In the pristine tree-lined streets of Prahran, no less. Although I imagined people in Prahran ate crustless cucumber sandwiches and drank Earl Grey and had perms, it turns out people around here are pretty normal and nice and somewhat more well-dressed than what I am used to.


And get this - they're even doing trendy, awesome things like putting on some live music (Illy and Phrase, with more artists to come), and some sports. I don't play sports because I'm a Lady (see: unfit) but you can catch the Viva Prahran Skate Comp with a prize bag of $7000 that attracts some awesome skaters. There's also a 3-on-3 basketball competition which is open to anyone with divisions based on skill level. I don't play basketball because I'm a Lady (see: short) but you should totes get involved.


For the Ladies, or short, unfit people like myself, there'll be food, market stalls, art installations and all kinds of goodies. 

It all goes down on Saturday May 14 at Princes Gardens on Malvern Road. It goes from 11am and tickets are free and available here. Northsiders... it's not actually that far, you'll be alright. We don't bite.