Party at Ultra, Governers Ball NYC and more hassle free thanks to Sweat Tours

Living in Australia is great. We get nice beaches, cute (and sometimes deadly) animals and sausage sizzles from Bunnings. But geographically, we're isolated from some of the biggest music festivals in the world.

As a result, Sweat Tours was born. Founded in Melbourne, they are a travel provider who have created an all inclusive tour package to get Australians to their festival of choice, as well offering up a a jam packed, group holiday experience.  
So far, Sweat Tours are offering punters aged 21-35 packages to attend festival giant Ultra, Electric Daisy Carnival and Governers Ball NYC in the United States.
Rather than just leaving you out on your own, their packages include a huge itinerary to get the most out of your adventure. You'll enjoy private chartered transfers for the entire week to and from your accommodation to daily events and activities, hotel accommodation, plus meals and tickets to surrounding tourist attractions such as Disneyland or scenic flights over the Grand Canyon.
With flexible payment plans available, now is the time to make some new friends and have the festival experience of a lifetime thanks to Sweat Tours.

Tickets are on sale now for Ultra, Electric Daisy Carnival and Governers Ball festival packages. For more info head to the Sweat Tours website.