Holy Harambe: Melbourne's getting a meme festival

Yep, this is an actual thing. Dust off your fedora, crack open a Mountain Dew and grow your neck beard out a few inches - this shit is unprecedented.

Melbourne is getting its first ever dedicated meme festival, celebrating the likes of Harambe, Salt Bae, Bad Luck Brian and every meme in between. 


The inaugural Meme Fest is inviting punters to come dressed as their favourite meme, as well as bringing together meme cut-outs and face masks alongside meme-themed drinks and a photo booth. 


Spend a Rick Rollin' night of peak meme in what may be the most bizarre festival we've ever come across. 


Catch you there or cash me ousside howbow dah. Meme Fest Melbourne is going down on Friday April 21 at Brown Alley. Tickets are available now