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Hole Limp Out Of Soundwave 2012

Merely a week and a half on from the massive initial lineup announcement, it looks like Soundwave 2012 has suffered its first cancellation.

As he is so often prone to do, Soundwave producer AJ Maddah has divulged on Twitter that Soundwave Revolution refugees Hole have pulled out from next year's festival.  AJ stated "tbh, I am relieved we got the moody old cow off the bill. I only put her on after a campaign of harassment!"


It appears the reason for the cancellation is Courtney and her band did not wish to share the same billing as (or as the case may be, take a lower slot on the billing than) Limp Bizkit. 


We can expect a second round of artist announcements this Wednesday, so stay tuned to Beat for more details.

Soundwave 2012 will visit Melbourne on Friday March 2.