Good Things Festival to refund under 18 tickets following disagreement with NSW state government

The festival organisers say significant police costs have given them no choice.

Under 18 Sydneysiders will no longer be allowed to attend this year's Good Things Festival, following difficulty working with the NSW state government to lower police monitoring costs.

Good Things Festival claim NSW police have imposed exorbitant fees upon the festival organisers in order to monitor the grounds. At one point, Good Things Festival brought in lawyers to try and reach an agreement with the state government, but to no success. Good Things have said the costs of having police oversight at the festival has given them no choice but refund under 18 patrons.

In a statement, Good Things general manager Chris O'Brien has expressed his disappointment with the NSW state government.

"We have been working around the clock for months to try and ensure the event goes ahead as planned, but we have seen unprecedented opposition to the event from the police and the government," O'Brien said.

"We have had to make the very difficult decision to turn the event to over 18s only to avoid under 18s been forced to watch bands behind a 1.8m high chain wire fence."

Under 18 Melbourne and Brisbane ticketholders are unaffected, and will still be able to attend Good Things. Refunds for Sydney under 18 ticketholders will be issued.