Falls Festival Unveils 2012 Boogie Nights Roster

Following on from a ripper third announcement, Falls Music And Arts Festival have announced the roster for their opening night Boogie Nights spectacular.

The Boogie Nights lineup features Anna Lumb & DJ Lazer Ferrari, Chris Gill & Mohair Slim (Lorne only), Dj Manchild & Russ Dewbury (Marion Bay only), Furnace & The Fundamentals (Lorne only), Legs Akimbo, Muscles (Lorne only), The Bamboos (Lorne Boogie Nights only, Marion Bay main lineup) and The Cuban Brothers.


Tickets for Lorne are all sold out, but there are still tickets for Marion Bay available. 

Stay tuned for more announcements!

Falls Music And Arts Festival takes place from Friday December 28 unil Tuesday January 1 at Lorne, and from Saturday December 29 until Tuesday January 1 at Marion Bay.