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Emerge Festival

Winter blues gettin' you down? Well then maybe you need to shake your booty down town to this year's Emerge Festival!

Promoting diversity, social inclusion, respect and the breaking down of racism the Emerge Festival is hitting the streets of Melbourne this month to celebrate Victoria's rich and undiscovered refugee and emerging cultures.
Opening on day one of Refugee Week with a colourful day-long celebration at Fitzroy Town Hall, Emerge Festival 2011 is bringing six culture packed weeks of performance, art, music, dance, film, exotic food, ancient craft and unique ceremonies.
The festival openner will see a number of cultural acts performing including Black Sky, DJ Sista Savage, Massive Collective, SS Superstar, Treza Abhieu Deng, K-Fam and Grey Bull  with tonnes more on the line-up plus a whole bunch of work shops teaching everything from West African drumming and hula-hooping, hell yeah!
The six-week extravaganza will bring with it a number of music business skills workshops, film screenings, competitions, public rallies and public forums addressing all sorts of cultural issues.

The Emerge Festival 2011 kicks off on June 15 for six weeks until July 30 at locations all around Melbourne. To find out dates, times and more about what is happening and where head on over to the Emerge Festival website at www.multiculturalarts.com.au