Eclipse2012 Revealed

After many moons of mythological-level rumours, the veil has been lifted on the gigantic Eclipse2012 festival.

The management team behind the event includes key members from renowned international events such as Rainbow Serpent, Symbiosis Festival (USA) and Glade Festival (UK). 


The first lineup for Eclipse2012 includes Perfect Stranger, Atmos, Tipper, Dnox, Secret Cinema, Heyoka, Emok, PhonyOrphants, Behind blue Eyes, Earthling, Dickster, Wrecked Machines, Protoculture, Antix, Pena, KaseyTaylor, Edoardo, Beauty & The Beat, Shawna and DannyCorn.


The event will be held on a massive cattle station three hours north of Cairns, and is set to be one of the biggest events of the year.


More information at the official site

Eclipse2012 will be held in Far North Queensland from Saturday November 10 until Friday November 16.