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Castle Music Festival Cancelled

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Tyson Wray Joined: 13th September 2010
Last seen: 28th August 2014

Set to return for it's sophomore year, the boutique festival has been forced to cancel this year's event.

A lineup which boasted Northeast Party House, Oliver Tank, Flume and more, the festival's Facebook page stated earlier today:


"Dear Castle fans,


It is with much regret that we must announce the cancellation of this years Castle Music Festival.


We have spent many, many hours working to bring this event to fruition, but unfortunately issues with the Council regarding impact on surrounding properties and neighbours have brought this dream to an unexpected halt. They have advised us that they will not be able to offer support anymore, and without it, we cannot proceed.


We have looked into so many other options, but none of these could bring you the festival that you deserve, so we have made the difficult decision to cancel it.


For those that have already secured tickets, your money is being refunded as we speak - Let us know if you do not receive your refund within 7 days.


To make up for this situation, we're looking at holding a one night event on Friday the 29th of June - the same Friday as the festival was supposed to be on. It will be much cheaper, the capacity will be greater and we're hoping to keep most of the same acts from the original line-up. An event will be put up soon detailing everything, including where you can get tickets.


We know this is nowhere near what you all wanted, but we're trying to make the best out of a bad situation. We are sorry to all the artists, their fans, our friends and anyone who has been let down by this terrible situation. Try to understand that no one will be more devastated by this than we are.


Please direct all hate mail to info@castlemusicfestival.com"

Stay tuned to Beat for more developments.