Captain Reckless & The Lost Souls

One of the great things in life is that when one door closes, another always opens. Zombie Ghost Train fans listen up. Despite the heartache when the Aussie psychobilly trio parted ways, it paved the way for something bigger, and possibly better. Enter Captain Reckless and the Lost Souls. The new outfit retains Zombie originals, Reckless [guitar, vocals], and Azzie T [drums], and gains the legendary Charlie Greaser [upright bass], from of course, Charlie Greaser. Add four lost souls wailing on their trombones, and you’ve got a big sounding psycho freight train headed for great things in the coming year.

“I guess it’s just a fuller sound. It’s a step up from a pretty hard rockin’ three-piece to a pretty hard rockin’ seven piece. We’re just putting the finishing touches on our first album, called Daddy Death, which will hopefully be out by the end of the year, or early next, and as soon as that happens we’ll be out on the road. We’re getting a bit of interest from overseas which is awesome. Mainly America and Europe, and we’ve got a merch deal lined up with Machete, which is owned by Lars Fredericksen (Rancid). It’s a massive punk merch website, so that’s gonna be pretty cool. We’ve had some emails from record labels, but we’re not getting too ahead of ourselves. We’re just gonna focus on finishing the album, get touring, and then see what happens.”


Charlie Greaser says the Zombie Ghost Train legacy is a hard thing to live down, which can be both good and bad. “Zombie Ghost Train meant a lot to those fans, so you’ve got to be really respectful of that. They were around for ten years or so, and they did a couple of tours of the US and Europe. We get a lot of requests to play their old songs, but you’ve just gotta say, look, we’ve got this new thing now, so check it out and get on board. A lot of the Zombie Ghost train fans still aren’t aware of Captain Reckless and the Lost Souls, so we’re just focusing on getting the name out there at the moment, and then when the album comes out, we’ll being doing a massive tour of Australia.


Captain Reckless and the Lost Souls are a sight to behold. For the uninitiated, they wear ghoulish full-face makeup for their shows, and it wouldn’t be out of place to see them chasing Daniel LaRusso over a fence in the original Karate Kid. But it seems the makeup, which carried over from Zombie Ghost Train, isn’t as novel as it used to be. “There’s actually quite a few bands that do the makeup, and people just kind of go, oh it’s another Zombie Ghost Train rip-off. There’s heaps of new bands that will don the make up, do one or two shows and then that’s it.”


It sounds like they’ve got a massive year in front of them. “I fuckin’ hope so man”, says Reckless. “I just wanna finish this album and get back out on the road.” He sounds like a raging bull at the gate; bucking and ready to explode when they finally cut loose on the road, and you can tell that touring is what keeps the blood pumping through their veins. “It’s cheaper than therapy, let’s put it that way”, says Greaser. “I mean most people have got jobs that they don’t necessarily love, and then we go to the same pub on the weekend and it just goes around. Then all of a sudden you’re touring, it’s the weekend and we’re in the middle of nowhere, having a water fight at a truck stop or whatever, just hanging out and meeting new people. It’s a lot of fun. We love coming down to Victoria too. I guess the crowds are more enthusiastic there full stop. People are keener to go out and get loose. Sydney’s cool, but you don’t get the same response as in Melbourne.”



Captain Reckless & The Lost Souls play the Chopped Rod & Custom Festival, taking place in Newstead from this Friday September 30 until Sunday October 2.