Beat's Guide to Melbourne's free Live Music Safari

Melbourne’s biggest and best live music venues are gearing up for yet another wild night of free music at the 41st annual Live Music Safari [LMS]. 13 venues will be tossing their entry fees and cover charges as they swing open their doors to all music lovers alike. The lineup of events across Melbourne is a choose-your-own-adventure that aims to celebrate the powerhouse local talent that soundtrack our city all year long, with names such as Chiara Kickdrum, Jazz Party and HABITS leading the charge. 

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Krakatau + Pjenné (DJ set) at Geddes Lane

There’s nothing like baptising a new live music venue with a hectic LMS lineup. Geddes Lane Ballroom has teamed up with WAT Artists to showcase some of Melbourne’s most weird, wonderful and progressive acts. Located on King Street, is hidden inside a 170-year-old bluestone building that was most recently a strip club. Krakatau and Fabulous Diamonds will be taking to the stage from 6pm onwards alongside local tastemaker Pjenné, who will be performing a special DJ set. Time to party.

Warped + LAZERTITS at The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar

If you don’t know Warped, now’s the time to become acquainted; the Geelong-based four-piece have been banging out tunes for 21 years, and there are no signs of stopping soon. Their incendiary rock’n’roll has forever left a dent in the Melbourne music scene, and they continue to lead the pack today. As such, Warped will be playing live-to-air on PBS’ Fang It! at Last Chance. There’ll be other talent on show as well – including LAZERTITS, Horace Bones and Hideous Sun Demon – with the music kicking off from 4pm. 

SILENTJAY + Blasko (Live) at Section 8

Melbourne-based music collective-turned-record-label The Operatives are taking over Section 8 for a night dedicated to the ever-growing Aussie beat scene. The collective, headed by Jerry Poon and Rebecca Florence, has been spearheading the exploration of Australia’s previously unheralded gems of the music scene for 13 years. Though they usually specialise in secret Espionage gigs, this time round they’ll be welcoming the likes of SILENTJAY, Blasko (Live), Jordan Dennis, and many more for a huge night of bass. It’s all going down from 5pm onwards.

Mesa Cosa + Moody Beaches at Max Watt’s

When it comes to Max Watt’s, you should “expect a colossal heap of fun with great tunes, live bands and a pool table, when their leg of the Safari goes down. Is there anything else to say? If you’re not yet sold, the sound of the night will range from indie to post-punkm to rock to original punk, to straight up garage. Bands include HoT To RoT, Moody Beaches, and none other than the party maestros themselves Mesa Cosa. It’s all going down from 8pm onwards.

Chiara Kickdrum + Citizen Maze at New Guernica

Arguably Italy’s greatest export since parmesan cheese, Chiara Kickdrum is leading a stacked lineup of DJs at New Guernica for LMS. Running in a replica fashion to Guerns’ traditional Thursday night DJ offering, Kickdrum will utilise a collection of old and new technologies to push boundaries and explore different ways to control and excite a social space. She’ll be sharing the night with the likes of Citizen Maze, Late Night Date, Touchwood, and many more, all going down from 10pm onwards.

Huntly at Loop Project Space & Bar

If you’re on the hunt for something a bit more immersive this Safari, look no further than Loop Project Space & Bar. Loop will be hosting a night dedicated to “pushing the envelope of pop,” with names such as Huntly, Blyolk, Tobacco Rat and many more tacked on to this lineup. Melbourne-based warped-pop staple Blyolk will be taking advantage of Loop’s multi-room performance space, including the cinema screens and modular stage setup.
It’s all going down from 7pm onwards at Loop, just off Bourke Street.

HEXDEBT + Dianas at The Toff In Town

It’s no secret that The Toff is home to an eclectic mix of various genres, spanning from local indie to international techno, and everything in between. For this year’s LMS, The Toff is teaming up with DJs and all-round party starters I OH YOU to bring Melbourne’s music aficionados a night of intense enjoyment. Leading the night is HEXDEBT alongside Dianas and DJ Baby Bonus. This shindig will kick off at 7pm so gear up for something extra special.

Godtet + Horatio Luna at Boney

This one is a shift from the rest; the record label La Sape, founded in 2017, was originally focused on grooved-up jazz, while also crossing over into dance music. Since Godtet and Horatio Luna’s releases, La Sape has found its sweet spot, nestling in between ‘70s soul and modern digital fidelity. Godtet will take to the stage, sharing the lineup with Horatio Luna, James Wright Trio, Mike Gurrieri and many more. La Sape will take over Boney from 8pm to 3am.

Françoistunes + MzRizk at Ferdydurke

For the hip hop heads among us, Ferdydurke is hosting a lineup featuring the best of Australia’s next gen of neo-soul and hip hop artists. The night is headed by Françoistunes, who is set on bending your mind with his genre-crossing sounds, mixing pop and electronic synths with his love for rap. Reverred local DJ and radio broadcaster MzRizk will also be powering through a set. This one kicks off at 8pm down Tattersalls Lane.

Live Music Safari is going down on Thursday November 22 as part of Melbourne Music Week. For more info, check the event's webpage.