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Future Music's Nightlife Exchange Project

They're rounding up the world’s biggest party crew, Dim Mak, for a journey of musical mayhem the likes of which Australia’s never seen before.

If you thought Future Music Festival 2011 couldn’t get any better, it has: Dim Mak will be hosting its own exclusive stage with an all-star lineup including the face of the brand, Steve Aoki, Don Diablo, Sound of Stereo, The Subs, TAI and host, The Cobra Snake.

Smirnoff are hosting the Dim Mak stage as part of their worldwide Nightlife Exchange Project, which sees a number of global events sharing the planet’s best nightlife experiences. If you’ve ever wanted to experience a day in Hollywood, this is your chance.


Dim Mak Nightlife Exchange Project at the Future Music Festival 2011 happens on Sunday March 13 (Labour Day Long Weekend) at Flemington Racecourse.


Tickets are on sale now through Ticketmaster,  136 100 and ticketmaster.com.au. For more info on the Nightlife Exchange Project visit http://www.facebook.com/SmirnoffAustralia