Tumbleweed set to headline Beechworth Music Festival

An incredible all-Aussie lineup is heading to rural Victoria.

Australian Festival Association pushes for governments to support pill testing trials

The peak industry body wants to have a larger say in how drugs are regulated.

Review + Gallery: Beyond the Valley brought a silver lining to a rainy New Year's festival

A massive few days of dance music (and the occasional indie band) in the rolling hills of Lardner Park.

Beat’s Top Picks For Party In The Paddock

Don't miss these legends when they head to Tassie next year.

Party In The Paddock is a show-stopping cultural experience

It’s no lie that Tasmania is one of Australia’s most criminally underrated states. Sure, they’re tucked right down near the Antarctic and Boag’s isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be, but they have some of the most beautiful scenery in the country and their cultural scene is on fire.

Beat’s Guide to Good Things Festival 2018

When Soundwave faltered Australian hearts broke. It marked the end of an era, a fertile time where alternative music stood at the forefront of the national music consciousness. 

By The Meadow shares first 2019 lineup announcement

The Otway Ranges are calling your name.

Gizzfest is a genius creation putting promoting power in the hands of the artist

Through over-saturation and increased competition, the music festival market has become a volatile nursery. Boutique festivals are popping up all over the place as they pursue that new idea or untouched patch of grass.

Shivoostock festival reveals magical 2019 lineup

Get lost in Victoria's lush forests

Melbourne Synth Festival is an immersion of synth music and technology

As part of Melbourne Music Week, lovers of synth and electronic music will have the chance to completely immerse themselves in the layers of technology and production, with the start of the Melbourne Synth Festival.

Beat's Guide to Melbourne's free Live Music Safari

Melbourne’s biggest and best live music venues are gearing up for yet another wild night of free music at the 41st annual Live Music Safari [LMS]. 13 venues will be tossing their entry fees and cover charges as they swing open their doors to all music lovers alike. The lineup of events across Melbourne is a choose-your-own-adventure that aims to celebrate the powerhouse local talent that soundtrack our city all year long, with names such as Chiara Kickdrum, Jazz Party and HABITS leading the charge. 

The National Folk Festival is five days in a perfect world

Preparing for its 53rd birthday, the National Folk Festival is set to plunge fans into a dazzling realm, offering a diverse series of concerts and immersive entertainment. 

Something Unlimited drops dreamy debut lineup

The first ever lineup of Something Unlimited has hit the ground running.

Good Things Festival to refund under 18 tickets following disagreement with NSW state government

The festival organisers say significant police costs have given them no choice.

The Melbourne Synth Festival is a must-see for all synth fans

A must-see for any synth fan – the first ever Melbourne Synth Festival is coming to town this November as part of Melbourne Music Week. 

Strawberry Fields: A decade of incredible musical acts

From 2009 until now, here are a pick of the top acts to take the stage at Strawberry Fields. 

Sum 41 and Voyager unveiled in second Download lineup announcement

Sum 41, Polaris and Voyager are hitting the road.

Sounds of Africa Festival is breaking down barriers

Turn on the television tonight and inflict on yourself an hour or so of mainstream news. Before long, you’ll catch a soundbite or two from federal parliament about the so-called African crime gangs rampaging through Melbourne. 

Progfest unveils its massive 2019 lineup

It's going to be a ripper of a 10th year anniversary.

Songs we can’t wait to hear at Meredith 2018

Add these tracks to your pre Meredith playlist.