Uta no Prince-sama Haruka Nanami Cosplay Costume $79.99

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REIKA is a women cosplayer from [url=http://www.cosplaydeal.com/anime-cosplay/uta-no-prince-sama-cosplay.html]Uta no Prince-sama Cosplay[/url] Asia who taken over the world cosplay maps with her awesome portrayals of several popular men figures from several popular animes. Not only did she surprise her lovers on the internet with her images, but she introduced the fandom of her lovers to a whole new stage with her wonderful [url=http://www.cosplaydeal.com/anime-cosplay/k-on-cosplay.html]K-ON Cosplay[/url] character. One of Reika’s most well identified cosplays is her expression of the popular womanizer Jinguji Ren of Uta No Prince-sama. Her expression of the heartthrob Barnaby Streams Jr.