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I’m loath to write this because it is not my intention to start a war of words or create bad vibes, but as someone who has been in the industry for a good few years, I think it is high time we had a frank discussion about Beat Magazine's singles reviewer, Simone. Each week, bands of certain genres cop her wrath; the invective, the vitriol and plain mean-spirited nature of some of her reviews are quite shameful. Her supporters will say that crap music is crap music, irrespective of style and I have no issue with that. I would however like to pose the following questions for discussion: 1) As a proud lesbian, she appears to detest any music with a strongly masculine bent, to the point that it seems to cloud her judgement. In light of this, is she the best person to be conducting these reviews? 2) The word bogan appears frequently in her reviews, which to me indicates a perceived sociological superiority over folks who don't live in or around the inner city. Does this mean that the people who don't share her aspirations and postcode necessarily make shit music? 3) Should someone who so strongly and forcefully puts their point of view across on a weekly basis be required to disclose their full name and provide a contact email? The basic ethics of journalism would indicate as much. Folks will doubtless lambast me for choosing anonymity, particularly in light of my last comment. I have good reasons for doing so and ultimately, I’m the person giving public voice to a discussion that has been going on for some time. People seldom remember the messenger’s name, but they will remember what Caesar said. May I say in conclusion that Simone is a fine young writer who commits thought to paper fluently and expressively. I just think it’s time to balance the scales and perhaps time for Beat to be a little more selective about who reviews what, because sending a 20 year old Slayer fan from Dandenong to review Andrea Bocelli is never going to work.