The World Knowledge Cities Summit

The World Knowledge Summit is all about knowing things. I love knowing things. Some of the world’s best thinkers will be in Melbourne in a couple of weeks for the third annual Summit and they’ll present ideas on what makes a knowledge city, engage the local community in debate and showcase Melbourne’s knowledge to the rest of the world.
The four day summit will include The Great Brain Debate – Deloitte Parker and CEO of Deloitte Digital Peter Williams will go head to head with Baroness Susan Greenfield CBE to debat the role social technology plays in society and the knowledge community. It’ll be moderated by ABC News Breakfast presenter Michael Rowland. Then there’s the Creativity, Innovation, Technology and Learning Communities with keynote speakers Associate Profession Mark Lorenzen, Professor Bjorn Asheim, Michelle Gallaher and Glenn Wightwick. They’ll discuss topics including ‘Do cities make people smarter?’, ‘Is people climate becoming more important than business climate for attracting global talents?’ and ‘The growing importance of cities and city regions in the globalising knowledge economy’.
There’s also a session on Knowledge-based Urban Development with keynote speakers Associate Professor Ana Maria Fernandez Maldonado, Professor Klaue Kunzmann, Professor Rob Adams and Professor Tom Kvan discussing how Melbourne can accommodate the increase of urban population without extending its urban boundaries.

The Knowledge, Creative, Intelligent Cities, Regions And Societies talk will discuss the role of museums, is Melbourne the Boston of the Southern hemisphere? and the changing nature of innovation.
The Knowledge Assets and Capital Systems talk features Professor Joris Van Wezemael, Carol Lin, Hugh Bradlow, Evan Thornley and Lucy Turnbull discussing the world’s dependence on oil and the electric vehicle revolution and the Knowledge Workers And Creative Class talks with Professor Richard Barbrook, James Bradfield Moody, Professor Roy Green, Wesa Chau, Professor Jane den Hollander will involve discussions how Australia will fare in the Green Race and whether IT or the industrial revolution will be fundamental to society.
Registrations are now open for the summit, which will happen from November 16-19 at The Melbourne Convention Centre.