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The World Of Hip Hop With Shane Scott

You know what I fucking love? Aside from beer, Italian food and free shit you get on aeroplanes, is watching the evolution of an artist. As I'm typing this I have Purpose's mixtape on spin for the umpteenth time this year and it still blows me away. This is an artist that first came to attention on the battle circuit, back when battles had beats and were relevant, and has evolved himself into one the country's premier emcee/producers all before dropping his debut long player which will bless our ears later this year.


When you see an act cut their teeth rapping insults at an opponent, then develop to be making songs on a world class level it really re-ignites a love for all things beats and rhymes. As a matter of fact the whole Pagen Elypsis crew does this and there are releases scheduled for Prime - soccer season allowing - and Motive this year, if you sleep on these guys not only are you a sleeping muthafucker, you are a sleeping muthafucker with shit taste in music.


Speaking of battle acts making the transition to music Nymphlow has just dropped his digital 12" available for free download from his site nymphlow.com. This is a tidy little taste of an up and coming emcee with beats from quality producers like Geko and Newsense, hard to separate the two tracks, I'd suggest what it is most successful at is whetting the whistle of a long player set to drop hopefully in the not too distant future. While I'm on the subject of new music another track you must get your hands on is the latest drop Otis, off the soon to drop Kanye West, Jay Z collaboration album Watch The Throne. This is Kanye at his finest production wise, tweaking some classic blues, adding drums then getting loose on the beat alongside the one and only Jigga. For all the hate these two cop, Yeezy more than Jay, I'd suggest this will be close to album of the year. People will say what they feel about the credibility of mainstream music but fact is these two always bring it on both beats and rhymes and despite what will surely be radio over-saturation when you join Shaq and Kobe you win titles.


Yellawolf, here is a name I very rarely give a fuck about, for mine he is over-hyped and under-delivering when it comes to songs, yet he showed enough commercial potential for Eminem to snap him up. Pushing ahead with his first LP on Slim's imprint a reported album track has come to my attention this week and its rock solid. Gangster Of Love features another hyped up and comer in CyHi Da Prynce and although being nothing like I normally get into I find myself drawn to this track on repeat, peep it all over the internet and see if you can escape the infectious nature of the beat/hook combo. The last track I want to talk about this week, is it talking if I type it? Fuck it, I don't think it really matters. it comes courtesy of the soon to hit our shores, like two weeks soon suckers, Wu-Tang. The track The Black Diamonds was never going to miss with the combination of Ghostface, Roc Marciano and Killa Sin, but this is hands down one of the best Wu tracks I've heard in years. It's the razor sharp delivery of Ghost mixed with one of the best in the game right now in Marciano, what the fuck is not to like.



On the tour front there are three more tours that you need to save your dole cheques for and get the fuck along too, if you like an actual job, then there is no reason for you not to get along and see some of the US's best as their Summer rolls to a close and our tour season kicks off. All and sundry must Bow Down to the man who sold out hard yet still retains his ghetto credibility Ice Cube, this year accompanied by the Ghetto Heisman WC. These are two artists responsible for a slew of the West Coasts hardest gangsta rap anthems and if last year's Cube tour is anything to go by they will have no hesitation unleashing them to fans eager ears. Next up is Big Boi, now I know you new jackers may only know him for the more experimental direction he has taken of late, but he is one of hip hop's all-time best emcees, no arguments. His catalogue as one half of Outkast alone shits on the dreams of 'rappers' worldwide, and his debut solo album was one of the best things released in 2010. Lastly make sure you support a rapper without the mainstream following of Cube or Big Boi, but with all the talent Elzhi as he plays the Espy on Friday September 9. While he may not have a huge following in Australia those that know, know, he is a fantastic emcee who deserves a rammed room to rock. Forget bullshit shows with your mate's mate who thinks he makes alright rap singing tunes these are international talents hitting our shores and performing, not standing still making rapper hands, actually performing their hits.



One last thing before I check out for another week, the debut single from the Funkoars new album hits very soon, be afraid, lock up your daughters, pets and valuables, it's about to go down.