Winner Revealed: Meet our new travel presenter

Meet our new presenter who'll be showing your around regional Victoria. 

After narrowing it down to a seriously talented shortlist and receiving a huge influx of votes, we're proud to announce Hannah Ella as our new travel presenter. 

She'll be teaming up with some of our favourite bands to take you on a series of road trip videos, showcasing the most beautiful corners of regional Victoria while chatting about music in the process. 

So, let's get to know Hannah a little bit, shall we? 

Beat: What are you looking forward to about the video series and why do you think it will be exciting?

Hannah: Well, really the entire adventure. I'm going on road trips, getting to know local bands, finding new spots to eat, and discovering the hidden beauties of Victoria. It's a homegrown holiday.

Beat: What's your favourite music of 2017 and why?

Hannah: There is just no way to only name one. An honourable mention needs to go to Didirri. He released a single called 'Jude' which gave me all the goosebumps. My favourite new single goes to Camp Cope with 'The Opener'. It's an incredible anthem for females in the music scene. But then of course Kendrick Lamar's DAMN. Oh, and Winston Surfshirt's 'Be About You'. And I have to mention Jidenna's song 'Bambi' from The Chief.

Revisit Hannah's tour of her hometown here: 

Stay tuned for the first installment of our travel series. In the meantime, check out our freshly launched travel section