True North

The opening of True North in 2014 was a defining moment for Coburg. We had all noticed the subtle changes in populus, at the train station, in the dog parks and tram stops. But it was with the opening of Munro Street’s moderately sized but spectacularly spiffy cafe that a new generation, displaced by an inordinately expensive Brunswick, were finally catered to.

True North has always boasted American influences in its menu. It’s Reuben sandwich, available in both meat and vegan options and punctuated with a pickle, must surely be its most popular menu item. But with the introduction of the new burger menu, True North seem to be making their intentions very clear.
Four burger types are available from Thursday through to Saturdays, each served with a big and buttery bun, and available with a range of decent sides including homemade pickled vegetables to cut the grease, chunky hand-cut chips and a modest but most tasty slaw. The mac and cheese balls, available on occasion, are off their tits and highly recommended should the kitchen be kind enough to craft them you. The vegetarian burger option with a mushroom and halloumi base is salty and sweet in all the right places, but if you’re into beef, the simple cheeseburger with a generous mince patty topped with bacon is your best bet.
Finally, it would be remiss not to mention True North’s staff – a lovable collection of hospo pros – who make the joint so very warm, even when those icy winds are barrelling down the Munro street corridor. Character is easy to craft; True North is adorned with Ozzy Osbourne homages, flash sheets and skate decks. But what’s not so simple is creating an environment so warm and welcoming that you’ll genuinely never want to leave.
Luckily, thanks to those masochistic aforementioned pros, you rarely have to. True North is open every day and late into the eve on Thursday through to Sundays, serving bottled beer, cocktails and some suave selections of wine by the glass. All in all, True North is the real deal.  
Words by Emily Kelly
Image by Sara Tansy

True North is located at 2A Munro St, Coburg.