A truck carrying 1 million chicken nuggets stacked it on the Hume

If you're experiencing traffic today, blame nuggets. 

We regret to inform you that there has been a horrific loss on Melbourne's Hume Freeway. 

While no human life was harmed or lost, over 1 million chicken nuggets lost their life. That's over 20 tonnes of those bad boys. 

They will no longer grow up to be the golden, delicious, crunchy morsels of heaven that bring us so much joy. Hell, Australians love chicken nuggets so much we even dedicated a festival to them. 

The nugget-truck crashed at 11.30pm last night. 

"The B-double has crossed onto the wrong side of the road, taken out centre barriers and has ended up sideways on the outbound lanes of the freeway," said Sergeant Dean Pickering from Victoria Police said.

"We've had a pretty good outcome all things considered. The truck driver has very minor injuries, off to the Northern Hospital just for some observation but he's looking in pretty good shape."