Troy Kinne : #Nofilter

How have your life experiences informed your material? In terms of getting to travel overseas a lot, I've realised that even when there is a language barrier, the little things in life and our little behaviours are universally relatable. I have found that what I enjoy while performing is seeing people nod when they laugh, which means they get what you're talking about and can’t believe they're not the only ones that behave like this.
What's the greatest show you've ever had? Opening for Amy Schumer was great in the sense that it was a crazy experience. As I walked out, every face I saw was someone I recognised from the Australian film and TV industry so it felt like I was hosting the Logies in a tee shirt and jeans. 
Why did you get into comedy in the first place? My passion has always been film making and producing videos. Video editing is my favourite thing and probably what I'm best at. I got into stand-up comedy hoping to meet others with similar interests. But then once you start stand-up, you get kind of obsessed with it as you keep improving at it.
If someone is looking for a show to see this season, why would you recommend they come to yours? I really try to provide escapism. I think traditionally that is what comedy is for and should be for. At the end of the day, I like to give people an hour where they can relax and realize how ridiculous we all are by laughing at our common behaviours.  
Venue: Athenaeum Theatre
Dates: Friday April 21 - Sunday April 23
Duration: 60 minutes
Tickets: $30 - $35