On Tomorrow: A ramen eating competition takes over Melbourne

It's your time to shine. 

Sure, the Grand Final is just around the corner (and dear god Richmond please don't blow it, my little heart is already struggling to deal with this) but there's another event that's set to stop the city in its tracks this week too.

That's right, I'm talking about the 7th Annual Ramen Eating Competition. 

Accepting teams up to eight, it's the ultimate chance to prove to yourself and everyone you know that you have done something meaningful with your life. Uni degrees? Forget it. Managed to pay rent on time? Join the club. Climbed Everest? Pffft, go tell someone who cares. Being crowned Melbourne's ramen-eating champion? Now there's something I can get behind. 

You'll need to join one of the local anime clubs to get in on the action. You can hit up the relevant committees to do that. Otherwise, just come down and witness the ramen eating event of the year. 

The glory is yours for the taking. Godspeed, friend. Finish as many bowls as you can within five minutes for your shot at the history books. 

It's going down at Ramen Ya on Tuesday September 26.