On today: Gelato Messina are giving away $1 tubs of goodness

The gelato gods have dealt Melbourne a blessing today. 

Legendary purveyors of all that is creamy and sweet, Gelato Messina, are giving away $1 tubs of their limited edition 'voice mail' flavour.  


That's 500 milligrammes of tastebud tantalising gelato for a single buck. 


'Voicemail' is a salted caramel gelato, topped with baked cheesecake, candied macadamia nuts and hazelnut fudge, named in honour of Messina's viral voicemail video. 


You'll be able to score a $1 tub of goodness between 3pm and 5pm today. So what are you waiting for? Start counting down and get your clickers ready to order through Deliveroo